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We usually play our home matches at the Farrar Road stadium, with the exception of European fixtures which are held at other venues because of various UEFA regulations. To find out how to find us, click on the relevant link to the left.

Developments afoot suggest that we might be moving from Farrar Road within the next few years. The following summarises frequently-asked questions about the possible ground move.

What's this about the Football Club moving?

Yes, it is likely that Bangor City FC will be moving from Farrar Road to a new ground at Nantporth off Holyhead Road. An outline planning application has already been approved by Gwynedd Council to site a stadium at this site, and in October 2004 a detailed application for an enhanced facility was submitted. The Club supports both these applications.

What's wrong with Farrar Road?

The current stadium is run-down, in a state of disrepair and barely meets local authority safety standards.

We have to move?

Yes. City of Bangor Council, owner of The Farrar Road ground, has been approached by developers who wish to build a retail centre on the site. Bangor City Football Club has a license from the Council to use the stadium, but if the Council wishes to use the land for purposes other than football, it is perfectly within its rights to do so providing they give equal alternative accommodation.

Does that mean we'll be without a ground?

No. The Football Club can stay at Farrar Road until a new ground which meets Welsh Premier League standards is completed, but once this has happened, the Football Club will have to move.

What stage has this reached?

Negotiations between the City Council and the developer are ongoing. Whilst no fixed date has been set the developer is hoping to secure the deal by the 1st quarter in 2005 so building work may begin. Once this has taken place a firm timetable will be agreed between all the parties.

How long before we have a new ground at Nantporth?

It is hoped that the new ground will be ready for the 2007 season however this is subject to ongoing negotiations by the developer with the end user. The availability of the enhanced ground will depend on additional funding becoming available.

What sort of ground will Bangor City be getting?

The developers will be providing the City of Bangor Council with a new ground to meet Welsh Premier Football League standards.

This will comprise a pitch, a main stand (to accommodate 600) incorporating function rooms and changing facilities etc, terracing (to accommodate 2,400), floodlighting and press rooms. A floodlit training pitch and parking will also be provided.

But I thought the Club wanted a 3000-seater stadium for UEFA Cup matches etc

The important first step to establish the principle of having a football ground at Nantporth has been achieved. The full planning application submitted in October 2004 shows the intention of having a larger stand together with 3 smaller stands and other enhanced facilities at Nantporth. The initial WPL-standard ground described above (which in many ways is better than we have at present) will be designed to be extended. This may have to be a two-stage development – a stage to develop to WPL standard, and a stage to develop enhanced facilities. Exactly how this will work and timescales will depend on planning permissions and finance. The latest news (February 2005) is that Gwynedd Council are still considering this application.

Who's paying for all this?

The developers will pay for building the WPL standard stadium. If BCFC wants more, it will have to find the money itself. That's why it is important to get more supporters through the gate and to get behind efforts like Supporters’ Association activities, the tote and the 200 Club.

Grants might be available to build, and to purchase equipment and fittings to which the club is actively seeking. But in order to apply for grants to build at Nantporth, BCFC will have to have a long lease on the ground from City of Bangor Council. The Club has met the Council to discuss applying for a lease and now has City Council approval to go ahead to negotiate this in more detail with the District Valuer. In order to honour any lease, the Club will have to show the Council that it is operating in a businesslike manner, and also that it will be able to raise the necessary money to be able to pay the lease year on year.

Presently, the Club will struggle to pay the cost of the lease plus other costs. Fundraising and income generation are vitally important and will have to be stepped up. It is unlikely that the Club will be able to get grant assistance to meet basic running costs (e.g. paying the lease, meeting the costs of heating, lighting etc)

How can we make sure that the Club gets the sort of stadium it wants?

Working with the City of Bangor Council and the developers, the club are actively involved with the development process.

What can I do to help?

Do you have £500,000? No?

It's vital that the Club is run in a businesslike and responsible manner, and every way of bringing new money into BCFC is investigated. You can help by joining the Bangor City FC Supporters’ Association (see the page on this site for contact details), or, if you have expertise to offer, by contacting the Club.

What should I not do?

Please do not organise demonstrations or lobby councillors. We are doing our best by working through the City of Bangor Council, who, after all, are our landlords.

What if I have any more questions or comments?

Please send them to the Club, at the usual address. Any major developments will be covered on this page.

(THE ABOVE POSTED IN LATE 2004 - the following update dated September 2006)


Following the City Council Decision to approve the move to the Nantporth site I can make the following comments on behalf of the club.

The decision taken by the Council has no bearing on Planning or other approvals already in place. The decision was required to enable the developer to proceed with construction at Nantporth.

What does this mean for the club ?

It enables the developer to prepare a firm timetable for construction to begin and for a completion date to be formulated. The Club are awaiting the developers to come to the table and discuss the timetable and the scope of the works.

Commencement date: We have not been informed of a start date for work although it is rumoured that the first week of October is being considered. What we do know is that planning conditions limit heavy construction between September and March so the developer will be under pressure to begin as soon as possible.

The club will be working flat out to achieve the most from the developer and to ensure the new ground will comply with Premier League Requirements. ( It has to or we will not be allowed to play there ). Grants will now be sought to upgrade the stadium.

To clarify a number of points that have been raised by supporters I make the following comments:

The new ground is being built for the Council not the club. Any building work will be on behalf of the Council and they will have the building contract with the developer.

The Club will become tenants of the new ground and the Council have agreed in principle to a lease of 25 years. On behalf of the club I have requested a draft lease to be drawn up as soon as possible.

Decisions on how the ground will be run and maintained will be formulated during the construction period.

There are many issues to be resolved regarding the development to meet Welsh Premier League requirements and this will be the main aim over the next few weeks.

The club are still considering the possibility of installing an artificial grass pitch, NOT ASTROTURF. Usability, cost of maintenance and meeting FIFA guidelines will all need to be considered.

Dilwyn Jones

Licensing Officer Bangor City F C



The Farrar Road Stadium from the air (Sept 2003). Picture: Huw Pritchard


The Farrar Road Stadium: September 2003. Picture: sportpixs.co.uk


Nantporth Playing Fields: site of our proposed new stadium


Nantporth Playing Fields: site of our proposed new stadium


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