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Advertisers wanted for 2003/04 season. Your ad in match programmes and on web. Tel: 718253 for prices.

Bangor City Contact Information -
Cysylltwch â’r Clwb:

Tel/Ffon: 01248 718253
FAX: 01248 716873

The Stadium
Farrar Road
LL57 4DH




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Bangor City Football Club



Bangor City Football ClubWelcome to the official website of Bangor City Football Club

For information and details of sponsorship and events,
phone 01248 718253

Bangor City FC Fun day - SUNDAY 3rd August 2003
The fun day was a great success, with hundreds turning up at Bangor Rugby Club

Win Win hundreds of pounds every week.
A mere £1 is all it costs to be part of Bangor City Football Club.
Simply select any 2 numbers from 1 to 50. It’s easier than the lottery.
The draw is held every Sunday at 8.15 in Maesgeirchen Social Club.
The jackpot is a minimum of £100. In the event of there being no winner of the jackpot £100 will be added to next week’s fund.

We are offering free membership of the 200 club if you help us in our fundraising. Simply sell 25 tote tickets per week and you have the chance of winning up to £500 in the Monthly cash payout. Call 01248 718253 for details.

Your advert could be in this space
Tel: 718253 for introductory prices.



A chance of winning up to £500 every month
Pay £10 per month via Standing Order
All funds received paid to BCFC or in prize money


Pay £1 a week - pick 2 numbers between 1-50
The jackpot is a minimum of £100

All funds received paid to BCFC or in prize money
Draw made Sunday at 8.15pm in Maesgeirchen Social Club

Player Sponsors 2002-2003

Player sponsorship costs just £50

Clayton Blackmore Gary Jones
Phil Priestley The High Street End
Aled Rowlands Belinda
Eifion Jones  
Darren Jones Travail Employment
Simon Davies Fountain Accountancy of Chester
Lee Hunt Livzy
Paul Roberts Christian Rogers
Huw Griffiths The Three Amigos
Alan Goodall  
Kenny Burgess Maes Tryfan Blues
Owain Jones The High Street End
Steve Cooper Michael Panting
Warren Gibbs Michael Panting

£50 per game


£150 per game

The Directors of Bangor City Football Club have asked for your support.
You will know that, over the last couple of years stringent efforts have been made to place the Club on a sound financial footing, clearing many historical debts, building 'bridges' with the local business community and Council, private individuals and the community as a whole - you only have to attend matches and see the number of youngsters who attend to appreciate the success to date.
The Club now need to move forward on the administrative aspects of the business. It has been a source of great disappointment that, not withstanding the achievements on the field of play under excellent and, quite possibly, the most successful team management we have experienced for a number of years, our progress has not been matched by great efforts off the pitch. Invariably it has fallen to the same personnel to attempt arrangements for fund raising, match day stewarding /turnstile operation etc. etc.
Under the ultimate responsibility of the Football Club Directors they now seek to set up a number of committees to cover the various sections of the business activities and work towards lifting the Football Club to the next, successful level, to match the aspirations of the Football Team and it's future ambitions.
The Club Directors are hoping to draw on the wide range of individual expertise they know exists within the Bangor City supporter base.
Ideally they are seeking to set up specific committees for Finance, Fund raising (including tote on match days), Ground / stadium maintenance and, finally, match day arrangements (turnstile cover / stewarding, programme sales etc)
They now seek a minimum of twenty persons for these four designated committees, thus each committee would consist of five individuals with the well being / future of the Football Club in mind.
Each committee would meet once monthly, at a venue to be agreed by those particular committee members, there would be no pre conditions as to the venue, simply that an element of privacy was available.
Importantly, and for your comfort / protection, you will be one of five committee members and, thus, any decisions made will be collective and you will not feel ' on your own' at any time, any responsibilities will be shared.

The committee would be responsible for setting up and taking forward any decisions / matters discussed during the meeting-the Football Club Directors ask that a short report be submitted to them following the get-together.
The agenda for one of the committee meetings might, therefore, be (if, say fund raising):
> How to increase Tote sales - ideas from members.
> Who is responsible within the committee to monitor
> Set a target of increased sales
> Advise Director of outcome of meeting
> Review success at next monthly meeting
Whilst the committee dealing with match day arrangements would be responsible for stewarding and turnstile cover, programme sales etc. and finding those persons prepared to undertake such duties.
There will, obviously, be 'cross- over meetings ' between the individual committees as Finance might be required for Fund raising items / match day cover etc. then it would be necessary for one committee to liase with another to sort out requirements and the benefits to be achieved i.e. a ' bouncy castle might cost £100.00 but will raise £500 in a fun day.
Please consider carefully whether you are in a position to help in this next step of the Football Club's progression. The Directors appreciate that some of you have more time than others but you might have expertise / knowledge that you could contribute in a committee meeting which might prove invaluable in raising funds, maintaining the Stadium, (especially, until the move), finance and cash flow and looking after the crowd etc. on match days.
The Directors hope you will be able to help them but. On behalf of Ken, Gwyn, Alun and others, thank you. Please give us a ring if you are interested in joining one of the committees, or if you have any suggestions or expertise that you would like to share.


The BCFC Monthly 200 club draw

B Lucas & L Pegler Monthly Draw
C/o B Lucas
12 Ffordd Tirionfa
Old Colwyn
Colwyn Bay LL29 9HA
Tel: 01492 515002
May 2002

Dear Bangor City Supporter

Club Monthly Draw

Thanks for your interest in the new Club Monthly Draw. For just £10.00 a month you can be in with a chance of winning a substantial cash prize – as well as doing that little bit more to help Bangor City FC.

The draw started in January, and at the time of writing has 38 members. But we want to build on this success in order to assure a good prize, and also to raise a worthwhile amount for the Club.

As you will see from the following ‘Terms & Conditions’ sheets, Les and I, as Organisers, have attempted to put into writing a full set of rules to safeguard you as a supporter, and to ensure that everything is above board at all times. As a member you will be kept fully informed of all amounts collected, prize money etc. The balance of the monthly income, after payment of the prize money of 25% of the amount received will be paid to the Football Club and will, we hope, go some way to covering the shortfall between income and expenditure.

The enclosed “Terms and Conditions” sheet explains how the draw works. To join the draw:

Please sign and complete with your name and address details the copy of the ‘Terms & Conditions’ sheet marked “Club Organisers’ Copy” and return it to us. Retain the sheet marked “Member’s Copy” for your own records.
Please also complete Part A of the “Standing Order MANDATE” form, sign and date it, and return it to us – we will send it on to your bank. We need the name and address of your Bank, your account number and signature.

The more who join up, the better for Bangor City – and for the prizewinner – so return those forms today!

I look forward to return of the signed and completed “Terms and Conditions” form and Standing Order Mandate but should you have any queries whatsoever in the meantime, please telephone, or E Mail me on brian.lucas@btinternet.com

Many thanks for your interest.

Brian  and  Les

Brian and Les


Bangor City Football Club

Club Sponsors:

Click here for our range of approved cars including Audi, Volkswagen, Mazda, Chrysler, Jeep, Suzuki, Kia, Seat, Honda and Mitsubishi 

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